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Churches Need a Website Too

As an administrator working in the church world for many years, I know there are a couple schools of thought on this topic.   Some think you need a website for your church, others don't. (But even those that didn't think it was necessary at one time, are now coming around to acknowledge that it is proven as a credible resource for a church.) Even  waaay  back when i graduated from college (don't ask) it was believed that organizations needed a website, even churches.  Think about it -- your website provides a resource, a central location for all those announcements, schedules, and upcoming events.  Being a true technology nerd, that made sense to me back then and I dug in, learned "dbase+" code and researched as much information as I could find about computers and this  new thing  called "internet service."  So years later, when i was employed by a state office for a church organization, it was natural for me to help with getting their first website set