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So you think it is time to have a website.  Maybe you have been led to take your story to the masses.  Maybe you have created a new way of doing things or mastered an old way of doing things and the world simply needs to know so they can find you to do it! Whatever the reason, you have stumbled across this site, this blog and need some basic directions or simple instructions of what to do next to have that website. WHAT'S NEXT? The key before you start thinking design or colors or fonts is to decide "who is your audience?"  Ask yourself, "Who am I trying to reach? Who will benefit the most by finding me?" You have started with your "story," your "service," or your "product."  Now it is time to narrow your focus and define your audience.  With that in mind, develop your title.  Will you simply use your name?  Or will you creatively promote your "thing" by your title?  You decide.  This may change 5 or 15 times while you are