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  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the phrase alone sounds complicated.  It reeks of techno jargon and complex concepts. So let’s break it down in simple terms. You want a potential customer or client to be able to find you when they are looking for that “widget” or service you have to offer. You want them to see your website URL first or at least on the first page of options.  What is the most important thing your website needs to be successful in online search engines? Below I have put together five (5) things that are important to consider to ensure the website that you have created or developed is easily reachable in search engines. ​ If you are reading this, you have probably already created a concept for a website or you have begun the process of creating your website.  If not, consider starting at “ this blog about creating a website.” FIVE BASIC THINGS FOR SUCCESSFUL SEO Content As you consider search engine optimization (SEO), you must come up with words or terms that would n