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4 Easy Steps to Get Your Website Started

  1. Decide on a domain name If you have read "Your Website, Your Purpose," then perhaps you are ready to get to work and get the website started.  Your decisions outlined in that post have been written down on paper or typed up in a document.  So now you wish to get the website up and running instead of being just an idea in your mind.  I understand. You are ready so let's get proactive. Your domain name is your choice.  It should be easy to remember, easy to "spell" for the sake of those trying to type it in a browser window, and easy to say out loud.  It may be the name of your business, the product you provide, or a name you have derived that is catchy and happens to be available as a URL for purchase. With some ideas on paper, now it is time to see if indeed they are available for purchase.  You can choose any of the domain purchase websites to do your search, from  to or possibly google domains.  Run your list of names through tha