Content should be consistently current. 

Keep your customers, your readers, your followers regularly coming back for new and updated information.  If they come to your site and they only find the same information that was available a month ago, they are not tempted to stay and browse.  With nothing current going on and no new information to glean, they will get tired of making the effort to click on your homepage bookmark. 

They were impressed once and they set that bookmark, let us keep them coming back and keep them as intrigued as they were with their first visit to your website.  

Content should be creative

Don’t underestimate your imagination and your “fresh” ideas.  We can all be our worst critics, at times. Allow the creative juices to flow as your create content for your website.  Be CREATIVE.

Just because it hasn’t been done before, doesn’t mean it is blah and boring. If it has been done too many times that is when something loses its enticement. 

You can go to the web to get inspired and to get some new ideas, but don’t rely on what has been done already a dozen times to be the “creative” thing you need to try on your site.

Content should be clearly written.
Keep it simple when you are writing for your overall audience.  Your content and ideas, even blog posts should be written so they can be read on an 8th grade level. 

At least this is the rule of thumb to use when preparing for a generic audience. Depending on your audience that you currently have, you may be able to steer away from that concept and focus on a higher level of communication. 

But even if you are writing to a highly intelligent focus audience for your product or service, keeping it simple will still help with the shorter attention spans that adults of all walks of life seem to have in our present world.

Content should be concise.

​While you are being creative and keeping it current and written with clarity, you should also consider keeping it concise in its length.  Remember the short attention span noted earlier?

You will want to keep that in mind and not lose their interest by having your content be too lengthy.  Long-winded, wordy sentences are not exactly crisp and easy to read.

Legible type (fonts) can also help your words to be crisp and easy to read. Keep that in mind when you are setting up your layout in the initial phase of developing your blog.

Remember, keep your content current, creative, clear, and concise. These are basic steps to get your readers coming back to your website time after time for all the great tips you have to offer them.


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