Churches Need a Website Too

As an administrator working in the church world for many years, I know there are a couple schools of thought on this topic.  

Some think you need a website for your church, others don't.

(But even those that didn't think it was necessary at one time, are now coming around to acknowledge that it is proven as a credible resource for a church.)

Even waaay back when i graduated from college (don't ask) it was believed that organizations needed a website, even churches.  Think about it -- your website provides a resource, a central location for all those announcements, schedules, and upcoming events. 

Being a true technology nerd, that made sense to me back then and I dug in, learned "dbase+" code and researched as much information as I could find about computers and this new thing called "internet service." 

So years later, when i was employed by a state office for a church organization, it was natural for me to help with getting their first website set up and running in 1999.  I have been hooked on creating websites and content management ever since.

I am biased.

Yes that means, I am biased on this topic.  But the evidence in today's world of technology advancement is too great to argue against having a web presence for your church organization or ministry.

What about the cost? 

Do not let anyone tell you that having a website for your church or business is out of reach.

If your next concern is the cost, I understand. If you have done any research or requested price quotes from a web developer to write the code for a website and set it up from scratch and all that is involved with that process, you know it can be expensive.

But this is where I have found that using available CMS (Content Management Systems) that are readily available with today's technology advancements come into play. 

I can introduce you and your church to options that would fit your needs and assist with getting your website up and running for a fraction of that cost. No gimmicks, I promise!  No hidden fees, no tricks.

We can get you up and running on even the smallest of budgets.

At the very least, reach out and let me share some thoughts about what we can provide while maintaining the limit of your congregation's allocated funds.  Reaching more people outside your four walls is a plus and at the same time, you are providing a consistent resource for your constituents to gain access to information that gets updated on a weekly or daily basis!

Let's Talk!


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